Helinks STS – IEC 61850 Design and Configuration tool

Helinks STS is an IEC 61850-tool for Substation Automation System Engineering developed by our partner Helinks LLC. It provides each phase of the engineering steps represented here below.



The tool is equipped with the embedded native Substation Configuration Language (SCL) editor which allows it to solve detailed SCL problems. Standardised solutions based on libraries give a boost to engineering efficiency and harmonisation.

Helinks STS is focused on Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) engineering and allows you to perform complex engineering activities without complication and implement IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2.


The following tools are part of the set

  • System specification tool
  • System configuration tool and various utilities for SCL handling
  • Advanced graphical editors (Single Line Editor, Function Diagram Editor, System Diagram Editor) used to build the SCL files for an SAS project

Additional features

  • Bay and function libraries Excel import / export fo signal list
  • SCL import and export
  • SCL direct editing and validation
  • Signal engineering communication specification
  • Automatic generation of IEC 61850 communication configurations (MMS Reports, GOOSE, Sampled Values)
  • Advanced documentation features

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With a staff of skillful and qualified engineers and our experience as co-developer of Helinks STS since 2010, we can provide critical insight and experience into building a redesigned STS tool completely adapted to your needs. To complete our services, we also offer training, consulting and engineering expertise related to Helinks STS and IEC 61850 standard.

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