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Developed by Elvexys, StreamX handles IEC 61850 compliant engineering functions for substations by responding to the rapid and permanent evolution of technologies and functionalities required by any network operator.

Conceived in a modular way, StreamX is a solution for the management and control of real-time data acquisition processes made up of different integrated tools that can also be used separately.

Regardless of your technologies, whether old or new or specific to an equipment manufacturer, StreamX allows an optimised and simplified integration and adapts to both existing systems and new developments.

The solution can be deployed on different architectures, allowing to adapt to our customer’s needs and requirements.

StreamX is composed of 4 elements designed by Elvexys:

StreamBridge is a modular and multi-protocol communication gateway that enables the secure exchange of information between a wide range of devices such as IEDs, remote control systems, RTUs or PLCs.

It runs on the ISOS operating system on various types of industrial PCs that are ISOS certified.

Our 61850 engineering tool combines the functions of specification and integration tools and allows the user to control all steps of an implementation based on the IEC 61850 standard.

StreamTools is a web application that allows you to configure the various modules of the StreamX suite. StreamTools can host the configuration of several distinct projects on the same platform. Requiring no software, it can be accessed from any workstation via Internet/Intranet through a highly secure link.

This application guarantees data control thanks to a highly sophisticated unique key system that ensures the identification of process objects. Each point is unique within all the configurations managed by StreamTools and these uniqueness keys prevent the creation of duplicates or addressing errors during configuration. This system thus makes it possible to manage the objects of a set of works in a simple, uniform and standardised way and offers the master integrator and autonomy in the management of its real-time data.

StreamTools facilitates all configuration database maintenance operations (backup, user management, history, etc.). It also guarantees speed of implementation and greatly reduces the time required to integrate new equipment.

StreamSCADA is also available in SAAS Version. Hosted at Elvexys, the e-StreamSCADA platform is made up of highly secure and redundant virtual servers.

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StreamX is born from a partnership between Elvexys, Romande Energie and the Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG).

Its development and maintenance are provided by Elvexys, while Romande Energie and SIG contribute to its evolution by working on StreamX daily and bringing their expertise in the distribution and production of energy.