Use cases

Here are some of our success stories. Discover more references by clicking here.

Référence Elvexys Fernwirkgateway

« Fernwirkgateway » remote gateway - Swissgrid

Substation renewal according to IEC 61850 - Strukton

IEC 61850 Substation – Romande Energie

Référence Elvexys Ores

IEC 61850 substation engineering – Ores

Elvexys reference Romande Energie

Data acquisition for power system monitoring – Romande Energie

Référence Elvexys Ville de Lausanne

XPG gateway for medium voltage station - SIL

Référence Elvexys BKW

Display E-mail & SMS messages at the Control Center – BKW Energie

LoRaWAN® Instant Fault Localisation– Oiken

Local substation's SCADA with XPG – Romande Energie

Elvexys reference Solvay

Retrofit of IEC 61850 OT Network – Solvay

Remote Metering Device - Energiapro

IEC 61850 Substations - Viteos

Référence Elvexys Oiken

LoRaWAN® Network - Oiken

Elvexys reference Eyholz tunnel

Remote gateway - Eyholz tunnel

Elvexys reference SIG

New regulation of the Geneva Rhone - Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG)