IEC 61850 Engineering

We help distribution system operators (DSO), transport system operators (TSO) and utilities to learn and implement the IEC 61850 standard in their specific environment and offer a full range of services including consulting, engineering, development and training.

Our designs meet IEC 61850 to the letter, allowing our customers to benefit from all its advantages.

Major operators in Switzerland and Europe rely on our engineering expertise in communication protocols for automation and protection devices in electrical substations. So far, more than 1200 projects have been successfully carried out by Elvexys.

Ingénierie IEC 61850

Full interoperability

At electrical substations, whether transmission or distribution, IEC 61850 is the up-to-date standard defining design and communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices.

Operators rely on Elvexys to design their substations in full compliance with IEC 61850. They appreciate that we are independent from hardware vendors to apply the standard and know they will benefit from numerous advantages:

One single communication protocol for the complete substation

High interoperability between systems from different vendors

Complete testing required for the equipment is defined

A common method and format for storing all data

The entire mapping to communication protocol is future proof, with all basic data transfer services defined

Compliance, independance, know-how

Customers rely on us to design their substations in full compliance with IEC 61850. They also appreciate that Elvexys is independent from hardware vendors.

We are experts in the application and adaptation of the powerful system engineering tool STS, which is not linked to any specific hardware. Elvexys is a privileged partner of the tool developer Helinks LLC.

Rely on our IEC 61850 expertise

IEC 61850 redefines, in a revolutionary way, the process and perspectives of substations engineering.

The dilemma for TSOs and DSOs as to whether to apply the standard or not is no longer valid.

Elvexys provides all Operational Technology (OT) services, from the physical communication network to substation modelling. If you already have experience with IEC 61850 and look for external support, or are wondering how to get started, Elvexys is the right partner for you!

Elvexys is an active member of Working Group 10 of IEC Technical Commitee 57. This working group develops communication standards for substations, the functional architecture and general requirements of IEC 61850.