Retrofit of IEC 61850 OT Network - Solvay

Consulting & network design


Customer needRetrofit of the OT network 


Solvay needed to retrofit the OT network of Tavaux chemical factory with the latest technologies IEC 61850 MMS. The Tavaux plant relies on the distribution of 175 MW, comprising more than 30 electricity distribution or transformation rooms. Elvexys was involved to help the customer define the OT network design offering the best trade-off between cost, resilience and scalability.

Elvexys's services & solution

Consulting on OT Network, including:

IEC 61850 network design: vlan, subnetting, routing

Optical fiber upgrade capability, optical power budget computation

­Bandwidth planning, on future IEC 61850 MMS & Goose traffic

­Redundancy protocol selection between: HSR, PRP, MSTP

Benefits of Elvexys's solution

Cost reduction icon

Cost reduction thanks to material incompatibility detection during design phase

ROI icon

Higher ROI due to network design simplification

Evolution icon

The solution provided is future proof at a measured cost.