Renewal of Tennet's HV substation according to IEC 61850 - Strukton

10 years to retrofit over 145 HV substations.
IEC 61850 Engineering and Training

Project start: 2019 (on-going)

Customer need: implementation of the secondary technology, including the IEC 61850 engineering and protection concept.


This project implies the retrofit of a collossal number of AIS and GIS high-voltage (110kV) substations, which is one of the most ambitious projects Elvexys has ever undertaken.

Elvexys has been given a period of 10 years to carry out this project. Given the extent of the infrastructure to be retrofitted, it is a great challenge to lead all design, test and implentation phases in this time span.

Elvexys's services & solution

Development of protection functions and parameters for the standard feeders available in substations, including IED selection

Development of IEC 61850 templates, called "typicals"

IEC 61850 training and user support

­Redundant substation network engineering

Supply of simulators for protection functions validation

Tests with local integrator and final customer (FAT/SAT)

Supply of a documented system validation report

Maintenance and disturbance data engineering

Profits of Elvexys' solution

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Standardisation of IEC 61850 engineering concept

Cost reduction icon

Cost reduction

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Fast and optimised IED and Gateway configuration

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Advanced remote management and maintenance solution

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State-of-the-art substation engineering according to customer requirements