Remote Metering Device - Energiapro

Collecting measurements from gas volume converters or meters.
Providing field gateways

Customer need: Standardised solution to self-commission in the field.


Energiapro's needs are to remotely collect measurements from gas volume converters or meters. They are looking for a standardised solution that can self-commission in the field.

The solution must collect data from existing or new devices by standard protocols such as Modbus. It also has to process data from csv files provided by existing solutions which do not require any modification. It must automatically detect and correct the periods where measurements are missing as well as store the measurements in DB for BI (Business Intelligence) tool.

Elvexys' solution

Measurement collection

Standardisation of the configuration for multiple deployment

Communication network configuration

­Creation of visual interface

Configuration of BI tool to represent the data bulk

Training/Workshop for the new device deployment by Energiapro

Why choose Elvexys?

Information exchange icon

Know-how transfer to achieve the autonomy desired by customer

Optimization icon

Unified configuration

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Regular interval data salvaging enabled up to real-time

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Data centralising and standardising

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Possibility to connect the data collection with the billing