Remote gateway - Eyholz tunnel

Supply of 4 protocol gateways XPG for real-time conversion of more than 10’000 datapoint to OPC UA toward tunnel management centre. Signal engineering and user training.


Customer needReliable protocol conversion and interconnection to tunnel management centre


For the longest tunnel of the A9 Motorway with a total length of 4230m and a construction cost of MCHF 670, including MCHF 70 dedicated to security and supervision infrastructure which was open to road traffic on April 2018. 

The company Aeschimann Automationssysteme AG needed data conversion from S-Bus data to OPC UA as required by the federal roadway agency.

Elvexys solution & services

First phase of the data engineering and configuration done by Elvexys

Four XPG deployed for data exchange between the field devices and the supervisory control system (SCADA)

Specific and cost-effective training to enable Aeschimann Automationssysteme AG to take over the task of signal engineering

Thanks to the protocol gateway XPG with OPC UA integrated, the automation system deployed by our customer is fully compliant to the Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO 13031 specification


Benefits of Elvexys's solution

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