Remote gateway "Fernwirkgateway" - Swissgrid

Provisioning of more than 60 high availability XPG protocol gateways.
Data engineering and training


Customer need: Reliable interconnection to a new control system (SCADA)


Connection of more than 30 substations with control technology from different manufacturers, variable age and with a diversity of data models and interfaces to the new standardised control system of Swissgrid.

This project implies a very high IT-Security standard. It is why one of the first phase of this project was to qualify the XPG gateways with respect to Swissgrid security requirements. For this process a high flexibility of the system was necessary. Support within 8 hours during office hours was also required.

Elvexys' services & solution

Procedure for security

Use of secure protocols for gateway monitoring

Remote security updates of the gateway via a secure and reliable process

Consistent firmware version on each substation

­Deactivation of non-used interfaces (USB/LAN)

Specific user training

Storage encryption and UEFI secure boot.

HOT-HOT Redundancy of the Control System and Substation

Continuous supervision of partner gateway, over different networks.

­Hot-Hot mode enabled on both gateways. That means, no matter if the gateway is Standby or Up, the protocol is active.

Each gateway has an active connection with the substation RTU.

­The commands can be sent over both gateways. 

Benefits of Elvexys's solution

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Robust and solid

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Handling of large data volumes

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Cost reduction thanks to high-level and comprehensive data engineering tools