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Customer needElectric power management


For power system monitoring at Romande Energie, voltages and currents are recorded with various devices (IEDs, RTUs, Qualimeter,…) at high sampling rates during electrical events (e.g. power disturbance, voltage dips, overvoltage, short circuit). The aim is to transmit these records remotely for a better deployment of the high- and medium-voltage grid trough post-incident analysis, predictive maintenance or equipment monitoring.

A communication gateway should be used for data acquisition and transmission from the Substation to the virtual servers. The existing IVPower expert software is used for the post-incident data analysis and can retrieve the needed data from these virtual servers or at real time via the communication gateway.

Elvexys's services & solution

Data acquistion via XPG Gateway

­Data compression and transmission via XPG Gateway

­Configuration with StreamTools

­Maintenance support


Benefits of Elvexys's solution

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Fast and automatic data feedback in the case of an electrical event

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Compliant with the highest cybersecurity standards

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Allow communication between equipment of various kinds (e.g. IED, Power Meter)