New regulation of the Geneva Rhone - Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG)

Control and regulation of the Verbois and Seujet dams.

Data engineering & training.


Customer need: Optimisation of the Rhone flow, Lake Geneva level and production


The main purpose of the regulation of the Geneva Rhone is to maintain the levels of Lake Geneva as well as those of the Rhône to Aïre. A regulation service is installed in each of the dams and allows the flow to be set at apply on the dam and the plant according to different constraints: operators, operating mode, border crossings, etc.

As concessionaire of the Verbois and Seujet dams, the Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG) were responsible for managing this regulation. In order to optimise the flow of the Rhône, the level of Lake Geneva as well as the production, a solution capable of handling a large flow of data was necessary. It is for this reason that the SIG called Elvexys, in collaboration with AquaVision Engineering, for the design and deployment of a complete control solution.

Elvexys solution & services

Construction of the general architecture of the solution of regulation­.

Application development based on StreamX, solution created by Elvexys for the control and management of data acquisition processes in real time.

Implementation of control algorithms

Visual representations

Setting up exchanges with third parties:

  • Flow and production programmes
  • Instructions, operator actions
  • Floris (river modelling and simulation)
  • Flux Designer (hydraulic system)

Benefits of Elvexys's solution

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Integration of a global solution into an existing infrastructure

Optimization icon

Optimisation of processes and calculations

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Expert team in data treatment