Official Release

Stéphane Page appointed new CEO of CONDIS Group

The Board of Directors of CONDIS Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Stéphane Page as Chief Executive Officer, effective 1st March 2023.


Stéphane Page brings a solid track record of innovation, growth strategy and operational excellence in the power generation, transmission, and distribution industry. With more than 20 years of experience in global companies, he has developed a unique skill set over the years, combining proven technical, strategic and people management skills with an ever-entrepreneurial mindset. As Head of Technology at ABB Power Grids (now Hitachi Energy), he successfully designed, implemented, and executed new product development strategies and roadmaps by institutionalising key processes, such as business-driven decision making, customer-driven project management and market-based specifications. Later, as Vice President Product Lines and Market Solutions at Parker-Meggitt, he significantly improved market responsiveness and delivery by vertically integrating all relevant competencies and resources into well-defined, independent product lines with full portfolio ownership, empowering accountability and fostering high levels of agility and flexibility.

This position marks an important new chapter in Stéphane Page’s career. “I am deeply honoured that the CONDIS Group Board of Directors has entrusted me with this responsibility,” he says. “I intend to lead the company and its employees with passion and to the best of my ability on the path of growth through innovation and technical excellence.”

“We are confident that Stéphane Page will lead the company to sustainable growth and great success while meeting the current and future challenges of the power grid market,” says Xavier Paternot, Chairman of CONDIS Group.

CONDIS Group is a recognised leader in the design, customisation and manufacture of medium and high voltage products and solutions to secure, automate and improve the efficiency of the power grid. The company leverages its expertise from more than 100 years of experience to deliver value to its customers worldwide and to build strong partnerships to meet the current and future challenges of the power grid. With the recent acquisition of Elvexys SA, CONDIS Group has reinforced its position by integrating new digital solutions for grid data management and monitoring.

CONDIS Group is delighted to have Stéphane Page at the helm and believes that under his leadership, the organisation will strengthen its market position and expand its presence into new market segments and applications.