LoRaWAN® Network - Oiken

LoRa engineering 

Sector: Electricity distribution



Research, test and deploy field devices necessary to measure environement, low voltages and currents as well as transmitting them from the various substations to the control centre.

Develop, configure and commission the LoRaWAN® drivers, as well as the virtual appliances that make up the infrastructure for transmitting data to the control centre.

Elvexys solution & services

Setting up the LoRaWAN® network on the territory

Supplying the diverse LoRaWAN® elements/nodes according to the needed measurements

Information managing and dispatching from LoRaWAN® up to the control centre through Virtual XPG Gateway

Benefits of Elvexys's solution

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Installation flexibility & easy set-up

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Low cost measuring point

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High range transmission with LoRaWAN®