LoRaWAN® Instant Fault Localisation  - Oiken

Reducing fault search time by 4 to 8-fold.
Providing private LoRaWAN® network


Customer need: Solution to reduce fault search on its network


Exploiting its own electrical grid and providing energy to more than 100,000 customers, Oiken is looking to come up to date with latest IIoT solutions.

One of Oiken's greatest challenges are faults such as short-circuits that may lead to partial collapses in their energy grid. The swift search for these faults and the need to keep serving clients energy 24/7 are vital for utilities.

In addition to energy load measurements, Oiken needs a solution to reduce fault search on its network.

Elvexys' solution

Procedure for security

Providing private LoRaWAN® network

LEM-302 energy meter and alerting system

Brings data from measurement node to SCADA

­Data engineering

LoRa expertise

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High range transmission with LoRa

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