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BKW Energie AG has a large number of devices in the field that send an E-mail or SMS in the case of specific events. Today these events are sent to a dedicated person but our objective is for them to be displayed centrally in the BKW control centre.

In accordance with the received message, all activities to be carried out can consequently be centrally managed by the control centre. It should also be possible to send messages from the control centre to a predefined destination. If required, it should be possible to add new devices easily and flexibly.

The entire system must be designed with passive redundancy.

Elvexys solution & services

Development of a new E-mail and SMS module in XPG

Customized XPG gateways with ISOS and GSM port

Personalized XPG training

Maintenance support

Benefits of Elvexys's solution

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Customized solution according to the customer’s requirements

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Straightforward solution to display events in the control center

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Centralized event management from the control center