ISOS release notes

Published Firmwares in 2022

V2.01 : 11.11.2022

2304Bug fixMoxa Real TTY driver update
2397SecurityOpenSSL: fix CVE-2020-1971
2406SecurityPAM: fix 'Empty Password improper authentication' (CWE-287)
2424Bug fixDA-820 and DA-820C: fix 'empty slot' command
2438Bug fixDA-820C: fix network error messages at bootup
2442Securitysudo: fix CVE-2021-3156
2455SecurityOpenLDAP: fix multiple CVE
2464Bug fixCellular modems: fix USB disconnect/connect problem
2470SecurityOpenSSL: fix multiple CVE (CVE-2021-23839, CVE-2021-23840, CVE-2021-23841)
2482Bug fixPostgres: fix the running state view
2491Bug fixFirmware update: improved the management of the postgresql service
2556Add-onVirtual: VirtIO NIC driver added for some KVM based hypervisors
2560Add-onDA-820C: support for I350-T4 and CP102U cards added
2561Bug fixDA-820C: fix comment update on slot 2
2590Bug fixMono: moved "ApplicationData" and "CommonApplicationData" folders to /opt partition
2620Bug fixDA-820C: improvement of the firmware update (TPM related)
2743Add-onAPU2: support for additional serial ports from P3
2812Bug fixIG2: fix EtherCAT driver for ARM64.
2857SecurityDA-820C: SysRq commands disabled
2858Bug fixBoot process, automatically fix potential mount errors
2873Bug fixNTP Server, fix the 'jump backwards in time
2878Securityrsyslog: fix CVE-2022-24903
2897SecurityForce password change during the first login (CVE-2022-4780)
2940SecurityVirtual, open-vm-tools: fix CVE-2022-31676
2951Bug fixOpenLDAP: files integrated into the backup
2970Bug fixRADIUS: files integrated into the backup
 Add-onIG2: support for digital inputs/outputs
 SecurityRADIUS Integration
 SecurityFirmware Integrity Check integration
 SecurityManage rate limiting (avoid DoS)
 SecurityUpdate of the Linux kernels
 SecurityUpdate of the Linux packages
 Bug fixStreamX Setup 6.05.00 (StreamConfig: version 35 of the parameters)

V2.00d - 22.04.2022 (only for CX9020)

2825Add-onStaging: images for 2GB and 4GB SD cards.
 Bug fixStreamX Setup v6.04.25 of 07.04.2022 (StreamConfig: version 34 of the parameters)

V2.00c - 24.02.2022 (only for CX9020)

 Add-onearlyoom: memory watchdog to protect EtherLAB from an 'out of memory'.
 Bug fixStreamX Setup v6.04.17 of 18.02.2022 (StreamConfig: version 34 of the parameters)

Published Firmwares in 2021

V2.00 : 24.02.2021

1279Bug fixFix StreamView HTML serialization errors
1715Bug fixFix StreamDaemon is no more responding on ARM architectures
1867Bug fixFix general Mono memory leaks
1980Bug fixMono: major upgrade to version
2135SecuritySudo: fix potential vulnerability (CVE-2019-18684)
2157SecurityFix CVE-2019-14899 : Inferring and hijacking VPN-tunneled TCP connections
2175Bug fixEtherCAT: etherlab stack update
2189Bug fixCX9020: fix speed of second LAN which was sometimes fixed at 10 Mbit/s
2283Bug fixVirtual: open-vm-Tools produces no more messages continuously.
2297Add-onSupport of stunnel for all hardwares
2298Add-onCX9020: support of the LEDs TC, FB1, FB2
2327Add-onBackup of Postgresql configuration files
2332Add-onPostgresql: log file rotate mechanism
2340Bug fixNetwork: fix manual lan won't goes up at boot
2343Bug fixAPC910: fix lan1 detection on TS17.04
2362SecurityOpenLDAP: fix CVE-2020-25709 and CVE-2020-25710
2382Add-onAPC910: support for USB1 to USB4 ports added for model TS17
2429Bug fixCellular modems: fix the enable/disable NMEA feature
 Add-onFirst integration of the hardware Elvexys IG2
 Add-onCX9020: bootloader version 5 for kernel compatibility
 SecurityCX9020: StreamBridge is no more executed with root account (least privilege)
 SecurityUpdate of the Linux kernels
 SecurityUpdate of the Linux packages
 Bug fixStreamX Setup v6.02.90 of 10.02.2021 (StreamConfig: version 34 of the parameters)

Published Firmwares in 2020

V1.99 : 17.06.2020

1827Add-onCellular: PPP as default gateway is now listed into the network section in StreamConsole
1880Add-onVirtual hardware: OVF file compatibility for ESX 5.5
1893SecurityPostgreSQL: fixed multiple vulnerabilities
1897Add-onVirtual hardware: changed from generic to Intel network adapter
1906SecurityStrongSwan: upgrades to fix CVE-2018-16151 / CVE-2018-16152
1908SecurityKernel: upgrades to fix CVE-2018-14634
1931Bug fixCellular: fix for the configuration migration
1939Bug fixCellular: fix USAN management when receiveing a SMS
1940Bug fixFix to no more generate duplicate paths after a firmware migration
1954SecurityOpenSSL: fix multiple vulnerabilities
1984Bug fixLEDs: swapped the management of Storage and SNMP Agent
1985Bug fixFirmwares files with special chars are now possibles
2002Bug fixLEDs: no more turned off after a long period of time
2023Bug fixBonds on B&R APC910 are now working as expected
2060Add-onCX9020: compatibility with HW rev. 3
2088SecurityKernel: upgrades to fix CVE-2019-11477 (SACK Panic)
2095Add-onVirtual hardware: drivers for VMXNET3 added
2106Bug fixCellular: fix infinite loop in ppp restart Under certain conditions
2112SecuritySysRq commands over serial ports is now disable for all hardware
2127SecuritySudo: fix CVE-2019-14287 Potential bypass of Runas user restrictions
2138SecurityUnable to use SCP anymore
2142Bug fixAPC910: fix the use of lan2 without the additional 4 lans board
2150Add-onFirmware update: error codes 24 and 25 added
2151Bug fixDefault Gateway no more lost after changing the IP on the interface binded to the default gateway
2165SecurityOpenSSL : fix CVE-2019-1551
2167Bug fixSSL Certificates for StreamX applications are now backuped
2180Add-onBeckhoff CX9020: support of the new HW revision of TOSIBOX 4G modem (based on Quectel EC25 chip)
2199Add-onFirewall: extend ports range for StreamX services.
2218Add-onFsck package added (File System Consistency Check)
2269Bug fixMoxa DA-820, fix the receive mechanism on serial ports P1 and P2 when used in RS485 2 wires mode.
 Bug fixPFC100/PFC200: use Wago BSP v. 2.8.35
 Add-onFirst integration of the hardware B&R APC910
 Add-onFirst integration of the hardware APU4
 Add-onFirst integration of the hardware Moxa DA-820C
 Add-onAPU2 and APU4: support for the LEDs and the dual power boards
 Add-onAPU2: support for two dual LAN mPCIe boards
 Add-onAPU4: support for one dual mPCIe board
 Add-onUC-8112: first LEDs management
 Add-onSupport of PRP for Moxa DA-820 and Moxa DA-820C from StreamConsole
 Add-onSupport of stunnel for Virtual hardware
 Add-onFirewall: added UDP port 123 for NTP server
 SecurityUpdate of the Linux kernels
 SecurityUpdate of the Linux packages
 Bug fixStreamX Setup of 08.05.2020 (StreamConfig: version 34 of the parameters)

Published Firmwares in 2018

V1.98 : 05.07.2018

1738SecurityKernel: upgrades to fix Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
1826SecurityMoxa DA-820, fix the process to disable physical USB ports
 Add-onPostgreSQL, migration process updated for future major upgrades
 Add-onFirst integration of virtual hardware (VMWare) with the configinit tool
 Bug fixMoxa DA-681A, fix the RS485
 Bug fixMoxa DA-720, fix the RS485 2 wires mode on P2
 Add-onMoxa UC-8100, new bootloader for Linux kernel 4.1
 Bug fixAll libraries: update to the latest stable version
 SecurityImproving hardening like using ASLR and Stack Smaching Protection
 Bug fixCellular: fix the use of CTS and DTS signals
 Bug fixStreamX Setup of 22.06.2018 (StreamConfig: version 32 of the parameters)

V1.97 : 05.03.2018 (only for DA-681A, DA-720, UC-81xx and APU2)

1743SecurityMoxa Nport: the owner of the remote serial ports is now the group streamx_apps instead of root
1729Bug fixWD Cellular: prevent rebooting the system if a firmware upgrade is in progress
1782Bug fixWD Cellular: don't block anymore in case of huge system time changes
 Add-onWD Cellular: the RSSI and the cellular antenna ID are now published in memory files for other programs
1748Add-onDHCP Client: new default settings for interoperability with slow DHCP servers
 Add-onFirst integration of the hardware Moxa DA-720
 Bug fixStreamX Setup of 27.02.2018 (StreamConfig: version 32 of the parameters)