LEM-302 – measurement and fault location detector

LEM-302 are simple and cost-effective IIoT devices that help measure field data and identify power interruptions in the medium-voltage grid effectively.

LEM-302 uses Rogowski Coils to measure the current in 3-phase 4-wire systems at very small intervals in the MV-LV street cabinets. At regular intervals (usually every 15 minutes), the measured data is sent via the LoRaWAN® network to a central database. This data can be used for operational decisions or for the detection of unusual patterns.

What happens during a fault event?

If a fault such as a short-circuit is detected, an immediate error message with the over current values is transmitted to the Control Centre within a few seconds. In the Control Centre, an alarm is displayed on the SCADA for each LEM-302 that has detected the fault. The operator can then immediately and precisely guide the service technician to the correct location of the interruption so that the defect can be efficiently repaired. The end customers can thus be restored to electricity much faster than with traditional troubleshooting.

Read more about Fault Location here.

Why install LEM-302?

Significant reduction of interruption time

Better lifetime of the primary equipment

Easy set-up

Grid data analysis

Installation flexibility


Why choose Elvexys' services?

Elvexys has a large experience and the right tools for processing data from the measurement node to SCADA display. Based on this experience, we can offer you support in the proper deployment of devices in the field, setting up a secure LoRaWAN® communication network and configuring your SCADA inputs so that you get the desired data at the right time and in the right place.