IoT for Utilities

Elvexys has a long-time expertise in the acquisition, processing and conversion of industrial communication protocols. We leverage this know-how with the rising IIoT technologies to propose scalable data collection solutions to utililties and industry. Using LoRaWAN® for industrial wireless networks allows an easy connection to distant devices like gas, electricity and water meters. Our IIoT solutions are not limited to these fields and aply to most industrial data and protocols.

IoT pour l'énergie

Your own Long-Range communication network

Since 2015, the Long-Range technology (LoRa), has been gaining popularity in the field of radio communication networks for data acquisition and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

With LoRaWAN®, you do not depend on telecommunications operator’s coverage. Its protocol enables to transmission both outdoors and indoors over long distances, with low data speeds.


Outdoor: Practical range from 2 to 15 km

Better penetration than 3G / 4G / 5G

Low data rate: 6 values every 10 minutes




Elvexys SCADA icon


- Multiple communication protocols

- Adaptation of the technologie to the existing system

- Alert generation (SMS, email)

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- Optimised database storage

- Easy connection with analysis tools (Power BI, Table, Qlik, etc.)

- Optional: HTML Elvexys tools

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- Generation of XML files compatible with market tools (Innosolve)

- Development of data connectors on request


Solutions for Utilities

The day-to-day planning, management and maintenance of the infrastructure required to manage electricity, water and gas networks involves the collection and processing of hundreds of thousands of data.

LoRa technology simplifies data transfer and responds to many problems encountered by utilities.

Elvexys can also leverage the LoRaWAN® wireless technology with our powerful StreamX solution, that is widely proven for the energy networks data collection and processing

Would you like to create your own LoRaWAN® network? Our demo kits will provide you with a quick and reliable proof of concept.